About Us

No matter the adventure you want to go on, IZIP has a bike that will amplify your ride so you can travel farther and faster. Whether you’re looking to explore endless miles of unknown dirt roads and trails, change your commute to work by skipping the car ride in favor of your city’s bike paths, or spend your weekend cruising along the coast in comfort, IZIP will enable and inspire.

Make sure you check out all of our electric bikes which are designed and built from the ground up with fully integrated electronics and are purpose built to be electrified. We feature the most current technologies using premium drive systems, selected individually for function-specific performance for every type of riding. Pedal activated drive systems by Bosch, Shimano and TranzX, which engage only when you pedal, mean our bikes look and perform like regular bicycles, with extra assistance just when you want it. It also means they’re quick, predictable, easy to control and can be ridden almost everywhere.

IZIP’s pedal bikes have the same quality and style you’ve come to know us for, but they give you the opportunity to enjoy the ride even more.

With IZIP you can count on quality, reliability and value. And it’s easy to find a bike dealer whenever you need service or have questions about your bike.

You can choose the perfect bike by ordering online from our full assortment of models and styles and pick up from your local dealer (who will make sure you’re all set on your new bike) or in markets where we offer mobile service, have the bike delivered to your doorstep, completely assembled by Beeline Bikes, our mobile bike delivery partner. In markets without a nearby dealer, you can also choose to have the bike delivered directly to your home.

Founded in Southern California, and inspired by the sunny weather, IZIP Bikes come in bright, unique colors with stylish graphics that fit any personality. Not sure which bike is right for your adventure? Contact us here.